2 Sets Toro 98-7134 Knob 107-3844 Washer 98-2266 Rod Handle Snowthrower Recycler


Experience ergonomic excellence with the Toro 98-7134 Handel Knob. Elevate your comfort and control in every operation. Invest in durability with the 107-3844 Curved Washer and unleash precision with the 98-2266 Shape Hook Rod. Upgrade your equipment with Toro’s superior hardware essentials today!

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2 Sets Toro 98-7134 Handel Knob 107-3844 Curved Washer 98-2266 Shape Hook Rod


Ergonomic Excellence: Toro 98-7134 Handel Knob

Elevate Your Comfort with a Perfect Grip

Introducing the Toro 98-7134 Handel Knob, designed for those who appreciate the finer details of ergonomic excellence. Crafted with precision, this handel knob ensures a perfect grip, allowing you to maneuver with ease and comfort. Say goodbye to hand fatigue as you experience a new level of control and precision in every operation. Invest in the Toro 98-7134 Handel Knob for a superior grip that transforms your user experience.

Unrivaled Durability: 107-3844 Curved Washer

Engineered for Longevity and Reliability

Discover the 107-3844 Curved Washer, a testament to unrivaled durability in the world of essential hardware. Engineered with high-quality materials, this curved washer guarantees longevity and reliability in every application. Whether you’re tackling DIY projects or professional tasks, trust in the robust construction of the 107-3844 to provide unmatched support. Elevate your equipment’s lifespan and performance with this durable curved washer.

Precision in Motion: 98-2266 Shape Hook Rod

Unleash Precision with Every Movement

Unlock a new dimension of precision with the 98-2266 Shape Hook Rod. Designed for those who demand accuracy in their operations, this hook rod redefines the standards of motion control. The intricate shape ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to execute tasks with finesse and precision. Elevate your workflow and embrace a tool that aligns with your commitment to excellence. The 98-2266 Shape Hook Rod: where precision meets perfection.


Please look at your Mower or Snowthrower to make sure on the hook size,

Toro has two of them very close to the same size.

Pictures of the two hooks together (Reference only).

We believe Toro has kept the color separate, not like in the past.

Make sure you have right one for your equipment.

98-2266 Zink 2 ¼” CC 2 ½ High & 136-7130 Gold 2 ½” CC 2 ¾”

The bolt is 5/16” 18

Toro has been using this knob since 2002

And it used on 187 different machines.

It is used on many Snowthrower and walking lawnmowers.


This part is used in 187 model(s).

Model: 10272 (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10272C (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10273C (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10323 (SilverPro Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10324C (SilverPro Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10356 (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10357 (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10358 (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10359C (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10367 (Silver Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10424 (GoldPro Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10654 (Gold Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10655 (Gold Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10656 (Gold Series Lawnmower)

Model: 10662 (Insight Lawn Mower)

Model: 10671 (Insight Lawn Mower)

Model: 10682 (Insight Lawn Mower)

Model: 10683 (Insight Lawn Mower)

Model: 10684 (Insight Lawn Mower)

Model: 10684C (Insight Lawn Mower)

Model: 107-1630 (Striping Kit, 500 Series Z Master)

Model: 136-1654 (Bucket Mount Kit, Titan HD Series Riding Mower)

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

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