For Exmark 323288 1-1/8″ X 49 5/8″ 75-177 Mower Deck Dual V-Belt in a Pix P-323288


Experience unmatched efficiency with the Pix P-323288 Dual V-Belt, delivering precision power for heavy-duty machinery. Crafted for durability and silent success, elevate your equipment’s performance with this high-performance V-belt. Invest in lasting power today!

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For Exmark 323288 75-177 Mower Deck Dual V-Belt

in a Pix P-323288

Cross Over Oregon 75-177.
This dual wheel drive belt fits 36″, 48″ & 52″ Decks for Exmark.
Pix belts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.
V-Belt size is 1-1/8″ x 49-5/8.

M15KA322P, M15KA362, M15KA362P, M15KA483, M15KA483P, M16KA322P, M16KA362, M16KA362P, M16KA483, M16KA483P, M32-12.5K-5, M32-12.5KO-5, M32-8.5B-5, M3211B, M3213KA, M3213KC, M329B, M36-12.5K-5, M36-12.5KO-5, M36-14K-5, M36-14KO-5, M3613KA, M3613KAC, M3613KC, M3614KA, M3615KA, M3615KC, M3615KCC, M48-12.5K-5, M48-12.5KO-5, M48-14K-5, M48-14KO-5, M48-16BV-5, M4814KA, M4815KA, M4815KAC, M4815KC, M4815KCC, M4817KA, M52-14K-5, M52-14KO-5, M52-16BV-5, M5214KA, M5215KC, MG16KA362, MG16KA362CA, MG16KA362P, MG16KA483, MG16KA483CA, MG16KA483P, MG481KA362, MG481KA362CA, MG481KA362P, MG481KA483, MG481KA483CA, MG481KA483P

Enhanced Performance Technology

Unveil the secret behind the Pix P-323288 Dual V-Belt that powers your machinery with unmatched efficiency. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this dual V-belt delivers precision performance, ensuring seamless power transmission in every revolution. The advanced design minimizes slippage, maximizing the transfer of energy for optimal machinery output. Elevate your equipment’s functionality with a belt that goes beyond ordinary – choose Pix for unparalleled performance.

Durability Redefined

In the world of heavy-duty applications, durability is non-negotiable. The Pix P-323288 Dual V-Belt is crafted from high-quality materials, fortified to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether facing extreme temperatures or heavy loads, this V-belt stands resilient, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Invest in longevity, and let the Pix Dual V-Belt redefine your expectations for durability, ensuring your machinery runs smoothly over the long haul.

Quiet Power, Silent Success

Silence speaks volumes, especially in the realm of machinery. Experience the quiet power of the Pix P-323288 Dual V-Belt, designed to operate with minimal noise without compromising performance. Say goodbye to the distracting hums and rattles, and welcome a serene work environment. This belt not only drives your machinery efficiently but does so with a whisper, creating a productive and peaceful atmosphere that enhances focus and productivity.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions12 × 10 × 1 in

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P-323288For Exmark 323288 1-1/8″ X 49 5/8″ 75-177 Mower Deck Dual V-Belt in a Pix P-323288
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