Genuine Toro Exmark 116-1712 Muffler Kawasaki 29hp Z Master Lazer Z


Experience the power of precision with the Exmark 116-1712 Muffler. Reduce noise, boost efficiency, and enjoy the durability of a lawn equipment upgrade designed for peak performance. Upgrade effortlessly and transform your lawn care routine today.

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Genuine Toro Exmark 116-1712 Muffler

For Kawasaki 29hp

Precision-Engineered Design

Discover the difference with Exmark’s precision-engineered design. The 116-1712 Muffler is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum airflow, resulting in improved engine efficiency. The carefully calculated dimensions and strategically placed baffles work harmoniously to enhance your equipment’s overall performance.

Reduced Noise, Enhanced Comfort

Experience the tranquility of a quieter lawn care routine. The Exmark 116-1712 Muffler not only improves performance but also reduces noise levels significantly. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a well-maintained lawn without compromising on power.

Durability for the Long Haul

Invest in durability that stands the test of time. The Exmark 116-1712 Muffler is built to last, with rugged materials that withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Ensure your equipment’s longevity and performance with this reliable and robust muffler.


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Weight192 oz
Dimensions18 × 17 × 14 in

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Exmark 116-1712Genuine Toro Exmark 116-1712 Muffler Kawasaki 29hp Z Master Lazer Z
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