Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 710082 Exhaust Gasket 085432 085462 115432 115437


Elevate your engine’s performance with the Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 710082 Exhaust Gasket. Experience unparalleled heat resistance, effortless DIY installation, and a precision fit for optimal performance. Invest in durability and maximize your engine’s lifespan. Buy now for a lasting impact!

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Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 710082 Exhaust Gasket

085432 085462 115432 115437


Boost Your Engine’s Lifespan

Upgrade your engine’s longevity with the Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 710082 Exhaust Gasket. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this exhaust gasket creates a seamless seal, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal engine performance. Say goodbye to exhaust system inefficiencies and welcome a prolonged engine lifespan.

Enhanced Durability: Engineered with high-quality materials, this exhaust gasket stands the test of time, resisting heat, pressure, and external elements. Invest in reliability and watch your engine thrive for years to come.

Superior Heat Resistance for Unmatched Performance

Unrivaled Heat Management: The Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 710082 Exhaust Gasket is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, guaranteeing consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions. Don’t let heat compromise your engine’s power — choose a gasket that can handle the heat with ease.

Precision Fit: Achieve a perfect fit every time with this exhaust gasket’s precise engineering. The snug fit enhances heat resistance, preventing any exhaust leaks and maintaining optimal engine efficiency. Elevate your engine’s capabilities with a gasket that goes the extra mile.

Effortless Installation for DIY Enthusiasts

Seamless DIY Integration: Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, installing the Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 710082 Exhaust Gasket is a breeze. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation process, saving you time and effort. Experience the satisfaction of enhancing your engine’s performance with minimal effort.

Time-Saving Solution: No need to spend hours on complex installations. This exhaust gasket is engineered for easy integration, allowing you to get back to what you love most – enjoying your engine’s improved performance.


Please be aware these gaskets ship in a regular stamped envelope. No tracking will be provided.

This item fits the following models:

· 085432-0035-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0035-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0035-02–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0035-02–>Muffler
· 085432-0036-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0036-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0038-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0038-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0038-02–>Muffler
· 085432-0038-02–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0078-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0078-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0126-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0126-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0129-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0129-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0130-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0130-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0133-01–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0133-01–>Muffler
· 085432-0230-B1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0230-B1–>Muffler
· 085432-0230-E1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0230-E1–>Muffler
· 085432-0235-A1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0235-A1–>Muffler
· 085432-0235-B1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0235-B1–>Muffler
· 085432-0235-E1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0235-E1–>Muffler
· 085432-0235-E2–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0235-E2–>Muffler
· 085432-0278-B1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0278-B1–>Muffler
· 085432-0278-E1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0278-E1–>Muffler
· 085432-0800-E1–>Kits/Gaskets-Carburetor, Kits/Gaskets-Engine, Kits/Gaskets-Valve
· 085432-0800-E1–>Muffler
· 085462-0072-01–>Muffler

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

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