Genuine Kawasaki 92049-7022 92049-7010 Crankcase Oil Seals FH601D FH721D FH770D


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Genuine Kawasaki 92049-7022 & 92049-7010 Crankcase Oil Seals 

Superseded Part numbers 92049-7007 for 92049-7022

Superseded Part numbers 92049-7010 for 92049-7002

Front and rear Crankcase Seals.

Please check to make sure it is right for your engine.

The 29049-7010 fits many more than listed.
FH601D, FH641D, FH680D, FH721D, FH770D

· FH601D-AS06 4-Stroke Engine FH601D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH601D-DS01 4-Stroke Engine FH601D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH601D-ES01 4-Stroke Engine FH601D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH601D-FS01 4-Stroke Engine FH601D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH641D-DS01 4-Stroke Engine FH641D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-CS01 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-DS01 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-DS08 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-ES01 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-ES08 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-FS01 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH680D-FS08 4-Stroke Engine FH680D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-AS11 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-CS05 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-CS08 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-DS01 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-DS05 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-ES01 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-FS01 4-Stroke Engine FH721D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-GS08 4-Stroke Engine FH721V–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH721D-HS08 4-Stroke Engine FH721V–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-AS01 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-AS04 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-AS05 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-AS06 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-BS01 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-BS05 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-CS01 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-CS04 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-CS05 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE
· FH770D-DS01 4-Stroke Engine FH770D–>CYLINDER/CRANKCASE

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Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in

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Genuine Kawasaki 92049-7022 92049-7010 Crankcase Oil Seals FH601D FH721D FH770D
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