Genuine Kawasaki 14075-7008 & 59231-7006 Oil Dipstick & Tube, FH601V, FH641V


Elevate your engine’s performance with Kawasaki’s precision oil dipstick and seamless tube integration. Ensure optimal efficiency and hassle-free maintenance for a reliable engine. Invest in longevity and experience peak performance.

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Genuine Kawasaki 14075-7008 Oil Dipstick & 59231-7006 Tube 


Unmatched Precision for Engine Health

Upgrade your engine’s reliability with the Kawasaki 14075-7008 Oil Dipstick. Crafted with precision, this dipstick ensures accurate oil level readings, promoting optimal engine performance. The high-quality materials used in its construction guarantee durability, providing you with a long-lasting solution for monitoring your engine’s oil levels.

Seamless Tube Integration: Enhancing Efficiency

The 59231-7006 Tube by Kawasaki is designed to seamlessly integrate into your engine system, ensuring efficient oil circulation. Engineered for durability, this tube enhances the overall performance of your engine by facilitating the smooth flow of oil. Invest in reliability and experience the difference that a well-maintained oil circulation system can make.

Hassle-Free Maintenance for Peak Performance

Say goodbye to cumbersome maintenance with the Kawasaki 14075-7008 oil dipstick and 59231-7006 tube combination. Checking and maintaining your engine’s oil levels becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying the power of your machine. The user-friendly design of these components ensures that even routine tasks contribute to the longevity of your engine, providing you with a hassle-free ownership experience.


  • For FH601V, FH641V, FH680V, FH721V


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Kawasaki 14075-7008Genuine Kawasaki 14075-7008 & 59231-7006 Oil Dipstick & Tube, FH601V, FH641V
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