Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton 691890 Rocker Cover Gasket


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Genuine OEM Briggs and Stratton 691890 Rocker Cover Gasket



124332 Series (8002), 124335 Series (8101, 8102, 8103), 15Z100 Series (0111), 12A100 Series (0130-0938), 12A300 Series (0100-0917), 12A400 Series (0100-0110), 12A600 Series (0100-0112), 12B600 Series (0100-0104), 12C100 Series (0007-0251), 12C300 Series (0131-0279), 12C400 Series (0100-0208), 12C600 Series (0100-0118), 12D100 Series (0110-0940), 12D200 Series (0113, 0355), 12D300 Series (0007-0019), 12D400 Series (0007-0110), 12D600 Series (0015-0119), 12E100 Series (0007-0268), 15B100 Series (0018-0645), 15C100 Series (0111-0939), 15D100 Series (0111-0918), 15Z300 Series (0111-0112), 12B400 Series, AA0101-0001 Outboard Motor AA0101-0005 Outboard Motor AA0101-0020 Outboard Motor AA0101-0025 Outboard Motor 15A114-0342-E1 Small, AA0101-0001-01, AA0101-0005-01, AA0101-0020-01, AA0101-0025-01, 11A602-0100-E1, 11A602-0111-E1, 11A602-0113-E1, 11A602-0114-E1, 11A602-0115-E1, 11A602-0125-E1, 11A602-0147-E1, 11A602-0150-E1, 11A602-0151-E1, 11A602-0152-E1, 11A602-0169-E1, 11A602-0170-E1, 11A682-0118-E1, 11A682-0119-E1, 11A687-0108-E1, 11C602-0100-E1, 11C602-0110-E1, 121A02-0020-E1, 121A12-0022-E1, 121A12-0028-E1, 121A12-0277-E1, 121A12-0323-E1, 121A32-0101-E1, 110432-0179-E1, 110432-0198-E1, 110432-0202-E1, 110432-0205-E1, 110432-0213-E1, 110432-0215-E1, 110432-0224-E1

BRIGGS AND STRATTON Engines: 110437-0164-E1, 110437-0171-E1, 110452-0049-E1, 110452-0111-E1, 110452-0113-E1, 110492-0070-E1, 110492-0117-E1, 110492-0165-E1, 110492-0167-E1, 110492-0172-E1, 110492-0185-E1, 110492-0189-E1, 110492-0194-E1, 110492-0196-E1, 110492-0199-E1, 110492-0201-E1, 110492-0204-E1, 110492-0209-E1, 110492-0221-E1, 110412-0163-E1, 110412-0163-E2, 110412-0170-E1, 110412-0173-E1, 110412-0174-E1, 110412-0177-E1, 110412-0186-E1, 110412-0187-E1, 110412-0188-E1, 110412-0193-E1, 110412-0200-E1, 110412-0203-E1, 110412-0210-E1, 110412-0211-E1, 110412-0212-E1, 110412-0214-E1, 110412-0217-E1, 110412-0223-E1, 110415-0219-E1, 110417-0112-E1, 110417-0146-E1, 110417-0146-E2, 110417-0156-E2, 110432-0035-E1, 110432-0036-E1, 110432-0036-E2, 110432-0037-E1, 110432-0045-E1, 110432-0064-E1, 110432-0108-E1, 110432-0119-E1, 110432-0120-E1, 110432-0121-E1, 110432-0149-E1

TORO Snow Throwers: 38629, 38629C, 38637, 38624, 38637C, 38639, 38639C

TORO Lawn Mowers: 20011, 20027, 20794, 20796, 20783, 20784, 26634

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

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