For Kawasaki 99999-7080 Electric Starter FH500V FH541V FH580V FH601D FH601V


Experience the power of effortless starts with the Kawasaki 99999-7080 Electric Starter. Swift, silent, and reliable, this DIY-friendly upgrade ensures a seamless ignition every time. Elevate your ride with endurance and ease.

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For Kawasaki 99999-7080 Electric Starter


Swift and Silent Engine Ignition

Experience the epitome of convenience with the Kawasaki 99999-7080 Electric Starter, designed for swift and silent engine ignition. No more grappling with traditional pull-start mechanisms or dealing with the loud roar of engines coming to life. With this electric starter, your engine springs to action effortlessly, offering a seamless and noise-free start every time. Enjoy the tranquility of a smooth ignition process, perfect for early mornings or late-night adventures without disturbing the peace.

Reliability Redefined – Built for Endurance

When it comes to reliability, the Kawasaki 99999-7080 Electric Starter stands as a testament to endurance and longevity. Crafted with precision engineering and high-quality materials, this electric starter ensures consistent performance in various conditions. Whether you’re facing extreme temperatures, challenging terrains, or demanding tasks, rely on the robust design of this starter to provide you with a dependable ignition solution. Elevate your confidence in your engine’s start-up capabilities with a product built to endure.

Effortless Installation – DIY-Friendly Innovation

Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to a DIY-friendly innovation. The Kawasaki 99999-7080 Electric Starter boasts an effortless installation process, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. The user-friendly design ensures that you spend less time fumbling with installation manuals and more time enjoying the enhanced convenience of your electric starter. Elevate your overall riding experience with a product that values your time and expertise, promising a hassle-free upgrade to your engine ignition system.


Superseded part numbers: 13101-7008, 21039-7004, 21039-7001, 21080-7003,
21163-7007, 21163-7029, 21163-7022, 21163-7010, 21163-7001

Fits model: FH500V, FH541V, FH580V, FH601D, FH601V, FH641V, FH680D,
FH680V, FH721V, FH721D, FH770D.

Please check your engine it may vary on starters.

· FH500V-GS10 4 Stroke Engine FH500V–>STARTER

· FH541V-AS48 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-BS10 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER

· FH541V-BS41 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER

· FH541V-BS44 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-BS45 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-BW00 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-CS37 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS01 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS06 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS20 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FHF541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS25 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS28 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS31 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH541V-DS33 4 Stroke Engine FH541V–>STARTER(-FH541-A98246)

· FH580V-BS36 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER(-FH580-B86000)

· FH580V-BS39 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER(-FH580-B86000)

· FH580V-BS40 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER

· FH580V-BS41 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER(-FH580-B86000)

· FH580V-BW00 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER(-FH580-B86000)

· FH580V-CS16 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER(-FH580-B86000)

· FH580V-CS17 4 Stroke Engine FH580V–>STARTER(-FH580-B86000)

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Weight111 oz
Dimensions12 × 4 × 4 in

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