2 Packs Oregon 49-085 Primer Bulb Replaces Tecumseh


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2 Packs Oregon 49-085 Primer Bulb Replaces Tecumseh


Product Description

  • This primer bulb fits model Vector series engines and replaces Tecumseh.

Product Details

Primer bulb

Fits VLV-126, VLV-50, VLV-60, VLV-65 and VLV-66 model Vector series engines

Replaces Tecumseh

TEC-632570, TEC-632577, TEC-632582, TEC-632589, TEC-632604, TEC-632612, TEC-632620, TEC-632632, TEC-632633, TEC-632713, TEC-632713A, TEC-632733, TEC-632742, TEC-632744, TEC-632747, TEC-632753, TEC-632767, TEC-632769, TEC-632770, TEC-632772, TEC-632779, TEC-632795A, TEC-632800, TEC-632803, TEC-632805, TEC-632806, TEC-640004, TEC-640014, TEC-640017, TEC-640017A, TEC-640017B, TEC-640025, TEC-640025A, TEC-640025B, TEC-640025C, TEC-640026, TEC-640026A, TEC-640029, TEC-640031, TEC-640049, TEC-640063, TEC-640069, TEC-640071, TEC-640073, TEC-640076, TEC-640076A, TEC-640103, TEC-640104, TEC-640118, TEC-640119,

TEC-640120, TEC-640124, TEC-640132, TEC-640135, TEC-640135A, TEC-640142, TEC-640144, TEC-640145, TEC-640146, TEC-640147, TEC-640148, TEC-640149, TEC-640156, TEC-640160, TEC-640161, TEC-640168, TEC-640172, TEC-640174, TEC-640195, TEC-640199, TEC-640212, TEC-640214, TEC-640258, TEC-640262, TEC-640262A, TEC-640265, TEC-640266, TEC-640270, TEC-640271, TEC-640272, TEC-640272A, TEC-640273, TEC-640274, TEC-640275, TEC-640276, TEC-640278, TEC-640278A, TEC-640279, TEC-640280, TEC-640281, TEC-640282, TEC-640283, TEC-640288, TEC-640295, TEC-640296, TEC-640303, TEC-640307, TEC-640314, TEC-640315, TEC-640338, TEC-640339, TEC-640343, TEC-640350A, VLV126-500036F, VLV126-500036G, VLV126-500037F, VLV126-500038G, VLV126-501012E, VLV126-501061E, VLV126-501061F, VLV126-502005E, VLV126-502016E, VLV126-502016F, VLV126-502019E, VLV126-502019F, VLV126-502030E, VLV126-502030F, VLV126-502031E, VLV126-502031F, VLV126-502032E, VLV126-502037F, VLV126-502039E, VLV126-502040F, VLV126-502041F, VLV126-502042E, VLV126-502043E, VLV126-502043F, VLV126-502044F, VLV126-502045E, VLV126-502045F, VLV126-502046E, VLV126-502052E, VLV126-502052F, VLV126-502056E, VLV126-502056F, VLV126-502527D, VLV126-502527E, VLV40-400004A, VLV50-500001, VLV50-500002, VLV50-500003, VLV50-500004, VLV50-500005, VLV50-500006, VLV50-500007, VLV50-500007A, VLV50-500008, VLV50-500008A, VLV50-500009, VLV50-500010, VLV50-500012A, VLV50-500013A, VLV50-500014A, VLV50-500015B, VLV50-500016A, VLV50-500017A, VLV50-500019A, VLV50-500020A, VLV50-500021A, VLV50-500022B, VLV50-500028B, VLV50-500030B, VLV50-500034C,

Additional information

Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 1 in

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2 Packs Oregon 49-085 Primer Bulb Replaces Tecumseh
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